Princess and the Pea Quiet Book Page

I'm really loving the ability to print on fabric.  I drew out a princess and the pea bed, scanned it into my computer, and then printed it out on fabric.  Each mattress has lots of fun designs which are fun for the kids to look at under the magnifying glass.  And I've provided the image below if you'd like to make your own printable princess and the pea quiet book page.

Since the bed is INSIDE the castle, I thought I should make an outside too.  I made a little castle front, with a few doors that hide these finger puppets. 
And of course, here's the famous bed on the inside:

And here's the template if you want to make your own!   As always, if you use my designs for your personal use, I'd love it if you would leave a comment, or follow the blog here or on facebook.  Enjoy!

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