City Quiet Book Page

I'm really excited to show you my latest quiet book page.  This is the first time that I drew something by hand and transferred the image onto fabric by printing on fabric.  It's a city page, complete with a car and a train.  I included some of my eldest daughter's favorite city landmarks, including the sandwich shop with the dancing pickle.

She loves to point him out every time we drive by, and if the pickle isn't out Lu has to come up with a reason that he isn't there.  Sometimes he's sleeping.  Other times he's visiting his family.  At Christmas time she really wanted us to go and buy him a jacket, because she decided he must be horribly cold. Anyway, she loves the fact that the shop made it onto her quiet book page.

Here's a close up of the page:

 and here is it sewn into my quiet book. 
 I used a car and a train button (I bought them at walmart).  I attached them onto a piece of felt.  The train moves along the "track" (the small piece of ribbon), and the car detaches from its velcro parking spot to drive all around the mat.
To me this was so much easier than trying to cut out all of those little pieces of felt to make a complex city page. 

If you'd like to use my images to make your own quiet book page, you can download it below.  All I ask is that you either comment, like me on facebook, or follow Snugglebug University.  Happy Crafting!

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