The Snugglebug Project Starter Kit

I mentioned before that I wanted to help my children create their own stories rather than just relying on the brands that are marketed so heavily to kids their ages.

To kick off the Snugglebug Project, I made my kids some story blocks and a journal. I used Mod Podge to attach the images to 1 inch cubes, and then used the same images to make a fabric bag to hold them all in. The idea is that the kids can roll the dice and then try to make up a story with the items. Then they can draw out the stories in the journal that I created just for that purpose. 

Would you like to make your own story blocks and bag?  Read on for instructions, along with the free template.   
For the story blocks, you'll need 4 1 inch wood cubes (available at most craft stores), Mod Podge, the story block templates and a foam brush for applying the glue.
I followed the instructions on the Mod Podge to adhere the images and let them dry.
Then I used the template below to print out an 8.5x11 sheet of fabric with my designs on it.  (For more on fabric printing, read here.)  Then I made the fabric sheet into a bag.

First I zigzag'd the edges to prevent fraying.
Then I folded down the edges and sewed a line where the drawstring ribbon will come out.
Then I sewed the casing for the drawstring ribbon.
And then sewed up the edges.  Easy!

Here are the images you can use to make your own story blocks.  If you print this image on an 8.5X11 sheet of paper they will be the right size for 1 inch cubes.
And here is the design that I printed on fabric to make the little bag to hold the story blocks.

 And here's the logo if you'd like to make your own Snugglebug Project Journal.

As always, if you use these templates I'd love to hear about it!  Leave a comment, become a follower of Snugglebug University, or follow us on facebook.

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