Little Old Lady Who Lives in a Shoe

Here's my latest printable quiet book page: the little old lady who lives in a shoe. I printed out the image onto fabric and then added some ribbon so that the kids can learn how to tie a bow.

Not sure how to print on fabric?  You can read about how I did it here

And here's my template in case you want to print out your own for your personal use. All I ask is if you do use my template to please leave a comment, like me on facebook, or follow the blog.


  1. Jill, this makes me want to be a kid all over again.

  2. Have you made a mailbox page yet? Printable fabric would be great for all the letters that go in the mailboxes. I asked our families to each write a note for their boxes, and my girls love hearing the note from each person.

    1. Hi Mary, I haven't made a mailbox page yet, but that is a good candidate for printable fabric!



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