Home Sweet Home Reading Corner

We moved Lu's furniture around in her room to try to better use the space.  The room looks so much more spacious now.

I wanted to create a little corner in her room for reading and playing.  I figured out a way to make removable felt wall decals.  This really might totally change the way that I decorate.  Seriously.  I tested the decals and they left absolutely no marks on my wall when I removed them.  Can you imagine the possibilities? This would be so great for an apartment, but also for more temporary events such as a party dessert table.  Or what about a felt board for your kids to play on?  No need to cover a canvas like I did here.  You could just create a felt board right on the wall.  I'm pretty sure my kids need a felt Christmas tree for the corner of their room next Christmas.  I'm super excited to tell you how to make felt wall decals.  You can find the tutorial here.

I drew the house shape on with washable markers.  I'm not sure how washable they will be over time, but I have more purple paint that I can use to touch up the walls if need be.

I also made a few prints inspired from some of my favorite books as a kid:  The Hobbit, the Boxcar Children, and Harry Potter.  My kids are too young right now to appreciate them, but I hope that they will grow to love these stories as I did.  Reading was, and is to this day, one of my favorite pastimes.  I hope I can share that with my kids as they grow.

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