Goldilocks and the 3 Bears Quiet book Page

I mentioned before that I wished that making a quiet book was as simple as printing out an image.  Since I realized that it was possible to print on fabric...It now can be. I made this page to go alongside the  fabric finger puppets I made a couple of weeks ago.   You can find the finger puppets as well as how I printed on fabric here

Here are the finished Goldilocks and the 3 bears finger puppets which I simply printed on fabric and then backed with felt.  I then printed out the house using a template I made (see bottom picture at the end of this post), as well as the the the heart labels for each bed.  I cut out a simple rectangle of felt to make the covers for each bed.  I sewed them to the house and then sewed the house to a piece of felt to go in my quiet book.  I decided to use felt because I'd already made a few other felt quiet book pages, but the nice thing about this method is that I could use all cotton fabric, which would be much more durable. I simply used my machine's embroidery stitches to attach the house and embellish the covers, but you could just use a simple machine stitch or hand embroidery. 

Here's the template I used. You are welcome to click on this template and download it to your computer to use in your own quiet book (or any other personal use project).  You could back it on felt and use it for a felt board, or you could print it out on fabric and make a printable laminated quiet book. 

 Stay tuned for more printable quiet book projects in the future!  I'm working on the little old lady who lived in a shoe right now.

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