5 Senses Art Day

Clockwise from top left:  1.  Touch wall, 2. Scented condensed milk paints, 3. Light box tracing, 4.  Gak, and 5. Puff balls for the touch wall. 

 As a part of our weekly art group this past week I hosted a 5 senses art day.  We started by giving the kids different flavors of goldfish crackers for a taste tense.  We read You Can't Taste a Pickle with Your Ear and My 5 Senses.  I set up a touch wall where I posted contact paper on the window and let the kids put puff balls, googly eyes, and foam blocks in whatever pattern they chose.  Both of my kids seemed to enjoy putting the items on and off.  It was nice too because when we were all finished I just took all of the items off and kept them for our next project!

I also made a makeshift light box where kids could trace, look at x-rays, and stack blokus blocks. I found the idea on how to make the box here.  Lu's been fascinated with bones lately, so she really enjoyed 'seeing' inside her dad with some of his old x-rays.

I made scented paints using condensed milk, food coloring, and scented extracts (I used lemon, orange, and mint).  Lu loved doing the painting but it made a sticky mess, so I'd recommend doing it outside.  I think if I were to do this again I would probably use normal paints and try adding the extracts or maybe even some jello for different flavors.

I also made gak for the kids to play with.  I used this recipe.  There is just something totally engaging about goey slimy stuff!  Of all the activities this was probably the biggest hit.

I set up a few bags with things to hear and touch and let the kids have a guessing game.   Overall it was a fun morning and the kids seemed to enjoy themselves.

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