Welcome to the Polar Express!

Every week a small group of moms and I run an art group where we feature a book or two and some crafts.  This past week was my turn and we read the Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg. The kids wore their jammies.  I gave each one a bell.

Then the kids made their own bells.  I cut out the bottom of a tin lasagna pan.  Then I put down some magazines and gave the kids pencils so that they could make impressions on it. The magazines made it much easier for the kids to push down and make an impression. 

 The impressions looked like this:

For a snack we had train shaped pumpkin cranberry muffins.  I've had this pan for years and totally forgot I had it--until my mom reminded me.  Thanks Mom!
Afterwards we had a fake snow sensory bin.  I used insta-snow which I got on amazon.  I've never used this stuff before, but it was really cool.  Lu really enjoyed adding the water and watching it turn into this magical snow like substance.  Supposedly it will go back to powder form when it drys out so you can use it again, but mine is currently still white and fluffy so I'm not sure about that part yet.  In any case, I totally got my money's worth out of it.  Lu's played with it for hours and hours!

 Overall it was a really fun morning.  Lu loved having her friends over and reading about the Polar Express.

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  1. That fake snow is totally awesome. I love that it feels so cold. This post also reminded me that I have the receipe for those muffins, so yummy!



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