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Hi friends,

Did you have a good week?  We did.  Snugglebug University got its first two Etsy store sales this week.  Thank you! 

I took my Snugglebugs to the zoo this week.  At first I was totally bummed because I lost my ride tickets.  I told the girls that we would see the animals but that there would be no rides.  I thought I'd have whining and complaining the whole time we were there, but instead it was great!  In fact, the girls didn't even want to leave.  They totally embraced the zoo and really got into the animals.  Don't you love it when kids surprise you like that?

Do you have big weekend plans?  We've got a busy weekend ahead of us.  I'm going to finish the girls' play store (which I am creating from the flower box pictured above) and hopefully do so holiday baking.  I'll have the tutorial for the girl's store up next week.

I want to try this recipe for microwavable caramels, and Lu's requested these no molasses gingerbread cookies that we made last year and she really liked.

I'm totally digging these glue snowman.  I think Lu would love to make them this weekend.

Those are my weekend plans.  That and maybe cleaning my kitchen floor, because if I don't do something soon I might have one giant sized sticky trap for keeping my kids in one place.   At least then I wouldn't need my baby gates!  ;-)

Have a great weekend everyone and hope to see you back here next week.

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