Pretty as as Package Headband Tutorial

When Lu was younger it was a herculean effort to get her out the door without her head covered in less than 10 bows.  Now that she's a bit older she shows a little more restraint....but just a little.  Needless to say she's been drooling over all of the lovely bows I've been attaching to the packages. 

She begged for her own to wear.  I threw this bow together and Lu couldn't be happier. 

It was really simple to make and the whole thing took only about 10 minutes.

Here's what you'll need in case you'd like to make your own:
  • 24 inches of 2 inch wide ribbon (preferably with wire around the edges so that the bow keeps its shape better.)
  • a simple headband to attach your bow to
  • A dab of hot glue from a glue gun
Wrap one end of your ribbon like this:
Push the center down to make it look more bow-like.

Then make another loop the same way UNDER the bow you just made.  The ribbon is continuous here--no need to cut it.

Wrap the end of the ribbon around your headband:

And then around the bow center.  Cut any extra ribbon away and then secure it with a hot glue gun.
Let cool and then you are done!

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