My New Favorite Way to Decorate Cookies

I purchases these edible markers from Amazon a couple of months ago for decorating cake pops. My cake pops were a MAJOR disaster, but I'm super glad that I bought the markers.

Have you ever tried decorating cookies with a toddler/preschooler?  It's a disaster.  Frosting everywhere with a good lot of it plastered all over the table, chairs, and floors.  And I haven't even gotten to the sprinkles.  Oh, the sprinkles.  EVERYWHERE.  Settling into every little grove they can find such that you find them for months afterwards.

So when things got a bit out of hand while decorating cookies this weekend--no, I didn't totally deny my kids the chance to lick the oh so wonderful frosting beaters and splatter frosting all over their faces--I had a 'Ah ha' moment.  The markers!  I thought.  Within minutes I'd whisked away all the butter cream frosting and sprinkles and pulled out the markers for Lu to continue decorating the cookies. 

She was super excited that she could use markers on food and loved decorating the gingerbread men.  I was really happy with how easily the markers drew.  We'll definitely be doing this again.  Faster, and much cleaner.  Not to mention a bit less frustrating for Lu, who had a difficult time spreading the frosting.

It's a wonderful alternative way to decorate cookies when you don't have the energy courage to deal with the stickiness of frosting and little fingers.

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