Gift Guide #2

Here's a tutorial not for a gift per se, but rather for the top of a gift:  gift tags!  Lucia and I made these reusable gift tags last night.  They had the added bonus that Lu got to learn how to spell many of her family members' names.  The tags would make great ornaments too!

Here's what you need: 
1.) an oven-bakeable modeling clay such as Fimo
2.) Alphabet stamps
3.) rolling pin and cookie cutters.  I used the ones that Lu uses for her playdough so that I didn't have to use the ones that we use for food.
4.)  Something sharp to poke the holes through for the ribbon (I used a toothpick)
5.)  Foil to bake your pieces in the oven.

Roll out the clay.
 Cut out the shapes.
 Use small letter stamps (I actually found these in the dollar bin at Target) to spell out the names.
 Lu really liked this part.
 Bake according to package directions and let cool, then add them to your presents!

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