Puppy Dog Party (with free printable!)

My littlest one just turned 1!  In celebration of Ellie's birthday we had a puppy dog themed ice cream social.  We had a Sundae bar, complete with dog bone sprinkles

It was so much fun!  Here's Ellie posing with her new puppy dog and wearing her puppy dog hat that I found in the clearance bin at Gymboree last Christmas.

Here are the favor bags.  I made a little dog print out that I added to a basic red bag that I found at the dollar store.  Easy!  (The free printable is below.)  I gave them some bubbles, a few dog stickers, and Scooby Snacks (which are like graham crackers in the shape of dog bones--I found mine at target), and awesome dog clappers. 
 I found the clappers in the dollar bin at Target.  They came in blue and red, see?

Wouldn't the red ones be cute for a Clifford party? Both of my kids loved them.  Probably because they made noise.  Hmpf. I remember the days when I said I'd never give my kids, let alone a dozen kids under 3, something so irritating.  But the kids liked them, and I was happy I found them. 

 Here is a free printable of the dog face that I made for Ellie's favor bags.  You are welcome to use it for your personal use!  If you want to add your child's name or some other detail, please just email me and I can see about sending you the modifiable version of the file.

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