Cardboard Castle

Today my littlest one is sick with a fever, so we're having a stay at home day.  A few days ago it was my big one who was sick, and we began this project then.  I'm so glad we made it! It's definitely keeping Lu occupied so that I can spend more time with Ellie. 

It's so sad when they are little and sick!  For Lu this bout of sickness went by quickly....just a fever and then not much else.  I'm hoping the same will be true for Ellie. 

While I cuddle my little one, here are a few pictures so you can explore our castle. 

A picture from the front, compete with a drawbridge:

a wishing well:

A balcony complete with stairs, great for stargazing (or dragon slaying).

and here's the inside:

Wouldn't it be fun to decorate the walls with scrapbook paper and make some more furniture?  I think we'll tackle that another day ;-)

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