Advent Calender

Lu and Ellie's Aunt Gabi made them this advent calender, and Lu's already excited to be able to open the drawers and see what's inside.  She keeps asking me when the first of December is.

I've decided to fill each drawer with a note detailing a fun outing/project/holiday sweet for each day until Christmas. 

Here's my list of 25:
1. Christmas parade and tree lighting
2.  Have hot cocoa before bed
3.  Get out all the Christmas books and read some of the stories
4. Make a gingerbread house
5. Go on the train of lights
6. Pick out toys to give to less fortunate kids
7. Playgroup Christmas party
8. Breakfast with Santa
9. Victorian Yuletide celebration
10.  do a Christmas craft
11.  Work on gifts for the family
12.  Read the Christmas story
13.  Visit a living nativity
14. Tell your friends Merry Christmas and tell them how much you care about them
15.  Stay up "late" and watch a Christmas movie
16.  Go to the grocery store and pick out food to give to the less fortunate
17.  Go see the Christmas tree lights around Livermore--especially Deacon Dave's house!
18.  Make Christmas cards to give to family
19.  Make a list of 10 things you are thankful for
20. Make Christmas cookies and share with the neighbors
21. Prepare for Santa's arrival for Early Christmas!
22. Early Christmas morning
23.  Look at Christmas tree lights in Fresno
24.  Prepare for Santa's arrival at the grandparent's house and go to mass.
25. Christmas morning.


  1. Jill, this is so sweet! It makes me want to do something similar with my roommates. I hope to join in on some of those activities!

  2. Anytime Gabi! :-) Thanks for providing the tree!



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