Under The Sea Quiet Book Page

We were headed to Hawaii for a vacation, so I thought it might be nice for one of the quiet book pages in my book to have an under the sea theme. The first page has a mermaid with her hair braided. Eventually I hope the kids can use this page to practice braiding, but for now Lu just likes putting her bows in the mermaid's hair. A piece of ribbon sewn down just at the ends stores the bows.

The next page was more geared for my one year old. The fish and whale move along the ribbon (I just used a little scrap piece of felt attached to the back to create a loop to put the ribbon through.)

and look who's hiding behind the shell!
A cute little finger puppet octopus who doesn't have eight tentacles (because I ran out of ribbon!).  My kids love him all the same.

And here is the template I used in case you'd like to make your own under the sea quiet book page for your kids!

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