Princess Party Boutique

I realized pretty quickly that Lu's desire for a princess party was largely due to her desire to play dress-up. So rather than stick to the generic disney princesses, we put together a boutique where the kids could get all dressed up. The goodies each girl"bought" in the boutique was her party favor.  We strung up lights in our sunroom as well as the decorations. I filled the tables with crowns, and doller store jewelry.  The clip on earrings were a big hit! Lu was insistant that this boutique also serve tea and cupcakes.

I found crowns for each girl on amazon.

I found these little bags at the doller store and added the ribbon and tulle.  This was another pinterest idea.  Inside mine though I put a doll that I made to look like each of the girls that came.  One of the activites at the party was for the girls to decorate a 'princess' dress for their doll.

Lu helped me paint dresses to put in the boutique window.  The nice thing about cutting them out was that it didn't really matter much if she didn't stay in the lines.  I really wanted her to feel like she was contributing to her party.

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