Dress-up items for Lu's Princess Party

Lu didn't just want a princess party, she wanted EVERYONE.  I'm talking the dwarfs, princes, fairies.  You name it.  We did have a whole fairyland village after all.  Even though we did call it a princess party, in reality it really was just a dress up party. 

I told her she could have it all--on one condition.  We didn't buy a SINGLE costume.  Sure we cheated a little bit.  I did make a few trips to the store for some posterboard, but mostly we made with what we had. 

There are many tutorials for making birthday hats online.  I used this template and just adapted them to made them little red dwarf hats, or sleeping beauty fairy hats.  I found some great fairy wings at the dollar store. 

Finally I made prince charming hats out of felt and just hot glued a feather inside.  I adapted the pattern for this robin hood hat by scaling it down a little to be kid sized. 

I also braided some Rapunzel hair by braiding some yellow yarn.  There are lots of Rapunzel hair tutorials online. 

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