Unicorn Crazy Hair Day...plus a DIY Unicorn Headband!

Hi Friends!  

Today was crazy hair day at Lu's school, and we threw this little project togther!  I thought it would be a fun one to share.  I had most of the crafting stuff already, so it actually only took me about a half hour to make. 

Lu provided the inspiration.  She drew me up a plan of what she wanted.  
It's a crazy little headband, and then we did her hair up behind it to make a mane.  So fun!!  This kid begged for glitter spray too.  She has so much of that stuff in her hair now that she totally shimmers...and I do too unfortunately!  Hah!  The true sacrifices of parenting! 
There's very little sewing involved, and a bit of gluing.  In fact you could probably use all glue if you want.  It's really that easy.  

Want to see how it came together?  


DIY Kitchen Art --and my kitchen makeover!


Fabric in this post was provided by Contrado.  All thoughts, opinions, and designs are my own.
Hi Friends! 

I'm really excited about today's post.  We've been in our house for about 6 years and I feel like I'm just now getting to hanging up some artwork in our house.  There's this big wall in our kitchen that is the first thing that you see when you walk in our front door, and it's always bugged me.  I felt like it needed some sort of art that would make the space feel bigger, and airy.  Well, ideally there would be a window in that space to look into the back yard, but since that would require some major remodeling, art was the next best thing! 

As you guys know I'm a HUGE fan of printing on fabric.  The crazy thing about that though is that I always forget about printing on canvas to make canvas wall art!  It's the absolute perfect solution for making huge high quality artwork for your walls--in any size that you want!  I was really excited to work with Contrado again for this post.  (I've also worked with them recently to make these dish towels and these throw pillows.)

Contrado printed out some of my designs on canvas, and I was so impressed by how vibrant and high quality the fabric was.  I made huge "seed packets" for behind our dining room table, and three other smaller prints for the back wall of my kitchen.  Two walls that needed to be brightened up! These definitely did the trick!

 I LOVE how they turned out!  They make me smile every time I walk by them. (And does anyone recognize the red buffet cabinet below them?  That's an ikea hack from years ago!There was a little bit of wood working involved for this project too, but it's really pretty simple.

I'll walk you through the steps in just a bit, but trust me, it's simple.  A few cuts, some angle brackets and a staple gun and you can totally rock this DIY.  There are so many possibilities here!  You could print vintage art pictures, or photographs of your family...or even maybe your favorite vacation spot.  Wouldn't it be cool to have a huge long picture of an ocean or lake on your wall?  The possibilities are so exciting!   Fabric printing is a really great way to make art in any size, with relatively little effort.

 Ok, ok, I think I've shown you enough finished pictures.  Let me break down how we made these beauties!  Keep reading for the complete tutorial.


It's a pattern giveaway!

Hi all!

Those of you that follow me on social media know that I am doing a pattern give-a-way on Sew Can She!  Click on over to enter the giveaway here!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!  I'll be taking next week off from blogging, but I'll see you back here the week after that!




Make a Seahorse Stuffed Animal--Free template and tutorial!

Hello Friends!

Today I'm going to introduce my very last sea creature pattern, and it's a cute little seahorse!  Unlike the cute little guys that I showed you last week, the instructions and template for how to make these little guys is going to be available for free on Make It and Love It!  So hop on over to see the whole tutorial.

This wraps up a pretty fun filled couple of weeks of under the sea stuffies.  I've made a jellyfish bloom to go over my daughter's bed:

And finally I've shown you how to make this sea star garland!
It's been a pretty ambitious couple of weeks.  Now I just have to figure out what I'm going to work on next.  Do you have any ideas?  I'd love to hear!

Have a great week everyone!




Introducing the Mermaid (and Fish and Seastar) Pattern!

Hello Friends!

Two patterns in one week?  I'm excited!  Ok, truthfully I'm mostly just excited to have them done...because geez, writing up patterns is a lot of work!  I'm hoping that you are excited about them though!  I really love this new pattern which is available for purchase now in my Craftsy Shop or my Etsy Shop.  

It's one of my larger patterns because it provides instructions for 3 different stuffies.  There's instructions for a sea star pillow, a this cute little fish, and a mermaid doll. 

 The fish is about 7 inches tall and wide and I'll even show you how you can make it hang from the ceiling if you'd like!   The sea star is about 15x17 inches.
And then there are these lovely little mermaid ladies.  I don't think it's surprising that these little ladies are my daughter's favorites!  They are about 14 inches tall, and because they are made with soft and cozy fabrics they are very snuggly!
What can you expect from this pattern?  It's a lot like my other patterns in design.  It's 29 pages long with over 60 color "how-to" pictures.  This includes 10 pages of full size template pieces. A typical page looks something like this:

In terms of licensing, this pattern is intended for the home sewer.  You are welcome to use my pattern to make dolls for a small scale craft fair or online shop, but no mass production, okay?

 Just like my other doll patterns, this isn't a difficult pattern.  It does however involve working on a smaller scale, which can make things a bit more challenging (and probably more appropriate for the intermediate sewer).  Here's what you should know in terms of basic sewing skills:

Sewing straight and curved seams, back-stitching (and when to use) with a sewing machine.

Ability to adjust length of stitch on your sewing machine to make stronger, smaller seams.

Using hand-sewing (the Ladder stitch) to close the doll/stuffie body (some experience is helpful, but not required).

Ease of working with small seam allowances (1/4 inch) and sewing in small spaces.

Some experience transferring an image (the face template) onto the fabric (for embroidery) is helpful, but not required.

Knowledge of basic embroidery stitches is also helpful but not required.
Those of you that have been following my blog for a while know that I like to accompany my pattern releases with a tutorial here on the blog.  Next Monday you'll be able to see the whole tutorial for a completely different (and secret!!!) sea creature.   It's a great way for you to get an idea of what my pattern is like.   Are you excited to know what the pattern is for? I can't wait to show you!

If you have any questions about this pattern though, feel free to leave a comment below (or send me an email at snugglebuguniversity (at) gmail (dot) com. 

You can purchase this doll pattern in my Craftsy Shop or my Etsy Shop

Have a great week everyone!!



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