Have you checked out my Society6 shop yet?

Hi Friends!

I can't wrap my head around the fact that Thanksgiving is just in a couple of days!  And then it will be Christmas before we know it! 

If you are like me, you're probably beginning to think about what you want gifts you want to give your family and friends.  The last few months I've been slowly building my Society 6 shop, and I'm really excited today to share some of the products that I have available there now. 

Society6 recently just updated their website shopping interface, and I'm really happy with it.  It makes it so much easier to browse the different items in my shop!  The biggest change is that you can now browse by all of the different categories: prints, hand towels, travel mugs, stationary cards, tote bags, wall clocks and pillows!

I know it's kind of confusing that I have both an ETSY shop and a Society6 shop. The reason that I have both is that I don't make the products on Society6. That means I can offer my art on a much wider product line than I could produce...and you aren't limited by the number of goods I can produce. 

I love these pillows for example!  I ordered the girl and unicorn pillows for my daughters for Christmas!

My other big favorite Society6 items are their tote bags.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE the largest sized ones!

Oh, and remember all the seed packet art that I did this summer?  I have those designs in my Society6 shop too! 
Anyway, I've only really shown you a small amount of what's available in my shop right now.  Most of the designs are available across a wide range of products...so you can get the art as a hand towel, or phone case, an ipad cover, or even a rug

Thanks so much for shopping with me today!  I so appreciate your support of my creative journey!




Propogating succulents, new tea towels in the shop, plus new art too!

 Hi friends!

Somehow the craziness of October is over, and I find myself in November.  I can't wrap my head around the fact that the holidays are almost here too!  I know that pretty soon things are going to get crazy again, but for right now we have a little bit of a break, and I'm savoring every moment.

My kids came home the other day from school asking when we'd start making Christmas gifts.  Truth be told, I really haven't given much thought yet to homemade Christmas gifts, but I'm starting to.  I find the holidays so much more enjoyable when I spread it all out over November and December.

One of the things I've been doing over the last couple of months is trying to propagate succulents.  It takes a few months for the plants to really get going (so start now if you want to have some babies for Christmas!). I'm hoping that I'll have a few small plants that I can put together for small arrangements at Christmas time...for teacher gifts, etc.

I've had varying success with different types of succulents, but it's really not hard guys.  In fact, the more I ignore these guys the better they seem to do!  And if you have some succulent plants in your yard, go looking underneath them!  You might find some little babies being created all on their own!
Do you remember when I was really into painting butterflies after our trip to Canada?   If you remember, I turned some of them into felt pieces, which I then embroidered and put in a shadow box.
Well, it turns out that I turned it into a new piece of art!  It's available in my Etsy shop now!  I still have some felt butterfly kits in my shop too... so you can even make them into an arrangement on the walls!
I've also turned my butterfly art into a set of teach towels.  I made a few for gifts, but I had a couple of extras which I'm going to put up in my ETSY shop....in case someone would like to purchase them!
These tea towels were professionally printed on linen cotton canvas and were sewn up by me!  I've got two sets...the butterfly/wildflower set above and this succulent set below:

The edges are all sewn up with french seams.

Pretty right?  I hope that this helps out your Christmas shopping just a little bit!




Make a Christmas Elf!

Hi guys!
I hope you all survived Halloween!  It's been so busy lately here...and I'm already starting to think a little about Christmas.  Today I'm actually over on Make It and Love It showing how to make your own Christmas elf!  
I hope you'll jump on over to hear the whole story...and tutorial!




Mermaid and Pirate Puppets--Plus all the Details of Ellie's Mermaid Birthday Bash!

Hi friends!

The last few weeks I have been in major birthday planning mode!  I mentioned a while back that Ellie asked for a mermaid party...and we had it this past weekend.  I was really not good about taking pictures during the party...too many faces to paint, and kids to keep track of. So I just made this round up picture to share with you...  You'll recognize the mermaid bows, the photobooth with jellyfish decor, the mermaid drinks, and today I'm going to share with you the how to for the puppets!!!

One of Ellie's requests was for me to make her some mermaid and pirate puppets for the kids to put together. 

You know that I've made a lot of these puppets over the years...Remember these? We've made leprechauns, fairies, elves, and a ballerina! I show you all the "colored-in" versions that I made for my kids, but remember that the templates I provide are actually empty...so you can color them in however you'd like!

Today I'm going to share with you a new template for mermaids and a pirate!! 
Ellie wanted the mermaid to look just like her...I did my best! I hope you can use the template that I provided to create a puppet that looks just like your child!  Or even better, let your kids make a version for themselves!
Here's a close up of our handsome pirate:
 Alright, are you ready to make some puppets?  Let's get started!


Make Your Own Unicorn Hat!

Hi guys!

I have a fun, simple project to share with you today!!  My kids and I have a Halloween party to go to in a couple of weeks, and we thought it would be really fun to all go as the same thing.  I wanted something simple--since I've already made the kids their regular Halloween costumes.  Lu came up with the idea of going as unicorns, and I thought it would be so fun! We thought we could all wear white, and we'd be easy peasy unicorns!

So yes, I actually made THREE unicorn hats, but Lu was under the weather when I was taking the "finished" pictures here...so I just have these of me with my baby unicorn Ellie!
This project is really simple guys!  It starts out with a simple white baseball hat (that you can find in most craft stores).  Then add a little bit of felt, a stuffed horn, yarn, and some googly eyes! Easy peasy.

 It was virtually impossible to get pictures of Ellie not making her "unicorn face" or crawling around on all fours.  I'm thinking I might have to rethink her wearing all white, haha!
Who is ready for the tutorial?


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