Making a Stuffed Bunny: Adapting a Doll Pattern

After Christmas' toy invasion I swore off making toys for my kids....and then Sew Mama Sew started a 6 week LOVE of Softies series  and  soft toy drive and I got bitten by the toy making bug again.  I'm working on another pattern, which I hope to share a sneak peak of soon.

Today though I thought it might be fun to give you a little insight into my softie design process and show you how you can adapt a pattern you already have to make a sweet sleeping bunny.   I modified  my beg bug pattern, but you could easily use a free pattern like this free doll pattern.

Ready to get started?


DIY Constellation Curtains

If you follow me on instagram you might have seen me working on these curtains a few weeks ago.  I actually finished them a while back, but I had a horrible time trying to photograph them.  These pictures are the best I could do, but I think that I like them better in real life.

These curtains are for our new "playroom" space in our new home addition. We see this room being used for playing, practicing the piano, and doing homework. I wanted the room's decoration to be an inspiring place for learning, but also just really fun.  At first I thought I'd do line drawings of molecules (sorry!  Showing my inner science geek here!) but I was inspired to do constellations on the curtains after seeing these sky napkins from Anthropologie.  My kids LOVE looking at the stars!

I thought about making my own curtains, but in the end I decided to just embellish and modify some Ikea curtains, since they were such a great price (and they saved work too!) 

Want to see how these curtains came about?  Keep reading for the complete how-to:


Teeny Tiny Birthday Hats

I was putting together a first birthday gift the other day when Ellie insisted that we include a birthday hat in the box.  That got me thinking...and I came up with this!  

It's a little tiny birthday hat made of fabric and felt...and attached to a regular hair clip. We both kind of love it, and Ellie's already insisting that I make her one for her next birthday.    

Would you like to make your own?  You can throw one of these together in an hour or less.  Keep reading for the full tutorial:


Faux Shutters DIY

 A part of our big home project involved getting a new window in the girls' room, which meant that we needed to paint...and to change the location of the beds in the room to better accommodate the window. 

We painted the room "Patriotic White" from Benjamin Moore.  I love the light blue color.  It's light enough that the room feels bigger, but it has enough color to make the kids happy.  

In general I'm not a big fan of hanging things on the walls over beds, especially since we live in an area known for earthquakes.  That wall just looked sooooooo blank that I had to do something.  The kids have also been asking for more and more of their "own" space in their shared space, and I thought this "above the bed" space might be perfect.
I found some old flower boxes in my garage and spray painted them purple.  I  thought they'd be the perfect place to store small stuffed animals, books, and cards.  Above each I placed a bulletin board. (Fun fact, the white trimmed one was actually my moms when she was a little girl!)  Then I painted some shutters, which I'm going to show you how to make right now.  Are you ready?  These were so much fun to make!  Can you guess what they're made of?


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