Free Patterns: For when there is nothing to do....

Hi friends,

I haven't had time to blog for a while....and then the world shut down..

I truly believe that this shutdown offers opportunities that we don't even probably fully comprehend right now.  Many of us have time on our hands that we couldn't have even imagined a month ago.

For some people, that means being able to use a bit of their fabric stash.  If you are like me, the ability to create something can seem calming and way to combat anxiety.  I stopped selling my patterns a little over a year ago, and now seemed like the perfect opportunity to make some publicly available, for free.

So I picked my 4 favorite patterns and uploaded them here for you.  Here's the puppy dog pattern and the dog carrier pattern

And here's my June bug doll pattern:

And here's my little house pattern:

In times like these, offering a few patterns like these doesn't seem like much.  But I hope that someone enjoys them.  We're in all in this together.  I wish everyone health and quality time spent with family in isolation.

I'll be trying to juggle work with kids at home, but I imagine that there will be some time for crafting, and if we do anything interesting I might share it here.  This week, my plan is to try to do some art with the kids.  I'm going to use this Pinterest board for my inspiration.




Christmas Around the World Advent Calendar

Hi friends!

I can't believe that it is already December!  I wanted to hop on there and share a free printable that I made for my daughter's girl scout troop.  We're studying holidays around the world, and this advent calendar brings you through some interesting facts about how people celebrate Christmas around the world!


A Very Harry Potter July!

 Hi friends!
It has been quite a while, hasn't it?  Life is busy, but a good kind of busy.  I thought about not sharing this post because it's just so incomplete...My pictures aren't great, and I don't have any great step by step pictures to share. That's the reality of life though isn't it?  Life isn't perfect, but that doesn't mean it isn't worth documenting or sharing.  There's some really fun, good stuff here...I hope you'll agree with me!


The Greatest Show on Earth!

 Hi friends!

I can't take much credit for the project that I'm going to share with you today!  It's actually pretty bittersweet...my kids can put together a blog worthy post all on their own!  You all know that I've made my kids tons of puppets in the past.  We also made a puppet theater/pretend shop  a LONG time ago. 

The kids started begging me to make them some more, but I suggested that I thought they could do the project all by themselves.  They grumbled at first, but then they totally owned it.  They used my old puppet templates as guides, and made a whole bunch circus themed puppets.  I think it turned out so cute!!!  They used our old shop/theater and put a box behind it for scenery.  The kits could control the puppets through a slit in the box on the bottom.

 They made acrobats, lion tamers, and more!
 They even made a girl that flies out of a cannon!  So creative!

The girls had so much fun making these, that they wanted to make sure that I posted about their project on the blog here, and provided the templates so that you can make your own to color in!  All you'll need are some skewer and some brads to put the puppets together. 

You can download the templates with this link.

I think it's such a fun spring break project, and I hope your kids love it as much as mine did!  Have a great week everyone!



An easy DIY bakery kit for kids or dolls!

 Hi friends~

Happy belated Valentine's day!  When my kids were little I often tried to put together some sort of kit for them on Valentine's day...a flower shop for example, or a flower making kit.  I thought it would be fun to continue the tradition this year, and I love what I came up with!  We make a bakery kit for my kids' dolls! And since they are older now, I let them help too!  We put this together over several weekends and the kids really seemed to enjoy making them together. 

The basis for the kids are cardboard boxes, which we painted.  Then we made lots of embellishments that could be easily switched out and removed!  The ribbons have velcro circles on the ends, so that they can be removed and switched out.
 What I really like is that each of my kids kind of put their own unique spin on the cakes to match the personalities of their dolls.  They turned out so fun!

We made frosting covers to go on the boxes, fake fruit, and even candles!
 And the best part is that when they are done playing they can just put all the little accessories inside of the "cakes" for storage!
 Would you care to see how some of these accessories came together?


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