"Shooting Stars" 4th of July Craft

I can't believe I'm posting twice in two days!  That might be a record for me!  This post, or craft,  has been on my mind for a while, but I didn't make it happen until yesterday.  It's inspired by a toy that I had as a child, and it's a great one for the fourth of July so I wanted to share it with you as soon as I got the post ready!

When I was a little girl we went to a hot air balloon festival.  I remember the balloons getting ready to take off so very early in the morning.  I remember hot chocolate.  And I remember this lovely toy that my parents bought me at a craft booth there.  It was simple really.  Just a bean bag attached to a string with lots and lots of ribbons as a tail.  My sister and I would swing it around and around and then let go, making the bean bag fly through the air.  It was so simple, yet so soooo much fun.  We played with it for hours on end, pretending it was everything from rocket ships to fairy magic.

I've wanted to make one for the kids for a while.   Do you want to make one too?  It's so simple, I promise!


Farmhouse Patio Table and Bench

Our backyard is very much a work in progress, but we still wanted to enjoy some outdoor meals this summer.  We really wanted a big table (we made ours to be about 9 feet) that had both chairs and a bench...because you can squeeze so many kids in on a bench!)  With our house being so small, it's super nice to have one big table that can fit a crowd.

We couldn't find a table that had everything we wanted either new (in our price range) or second hand, so we decided to make our own.  Hubby took the lead on this project, but I helped quite a bit too.  The girls' even helped some...and they LOVED it!  I'm excited today to tell you all about our rustic farmhouse outdoor table!  

We loosely used the farmhouse table plan from Ana White and then made a bench following roughly the same principles.  We spent a little over $200 for the supplies for table and bench together (we were able to take advantage of some memorial day savings on supplies, including wood).  We already had most of the saws, drills, etc. that we needed.  The only thing that we had to purchase tool wise was a Kreg Jig.

Want more details?  Keep reading below:


DIY Guitar Picks for Dad

My hubby is so hard to buy gifts for.  He generally doesn't like "stuff" which makes it especially hard!  He does like music though, so I thought a guitar pick might be simple gift that he'd like and the  kids would LOVE to make as well!  

Want to learn the secret behind how I made them?


Fairy Tale Paper Dolls and a Free Paper Doll Printable too!

A few days ago I introduced my Girls of the World Printable Paper Doll Set.  Today I'm going to introduce you to another paper doll set, Fairy Tale Dolls AND I'm going to give you a FREE blank printable so that you can color in your own paper doll!  


New World Inspired Paper Dolls!

I have something fun to share with you today...a brand new printable in my shop...and there's a quite a story behind them.  In fact, this little project has taken months, so I'm super happy to finally be able to share it with you.

About 6 months ago Lu fell in love with a particular American Girl doll (she currently just has a doll that I had as a child).  When she asked me how she might be able to get one, I suggested asking for for it for Christmas or her birthday from us and the grandparents (because those dolls are expensive, and I wanted her to appreciate that fact.) 

Instead, she blew me away by saying she was going to earn it.  Truthfully, I thought she'd forget about the whole plan by the next day, but she didn't.  She's been hardcore earning money for the past 6 months.  She's done extra chores.  She's sold old toys.  She's saved every penny that she's been given.  Then she came up with this project...she was going to sell paper dolls in my shop.  They were going to be about her favorite Snugglebug, Juliana.  She told me that Juliana loved to travel, and that she'd meet new friends all around the world.  And that they'd have lots of clothes from all around the world too.  (I'm pretty sure that she was inspired by her internationally focused school, She's really enjoyed studying different cultures).

So we worked out a deal. 


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