Bunny Love!

These little bunny shoes are my latest bunny project, inspired by these shoes from the Baby Gardner. 

What about you?  Have you been cooking up any bunnies these days?  Like maybe this little felt bunny that I made last year?  There's still time, and the pattern is free!

 So cute, eh?  I don't think that I'll get to making any of these felt bunnies from Ikat Bag, but I'm sure that my kids would love them!

Happy Easter to all!


A little break...

When I started this blog a little over a year ago, it was to encourage myself to try to do something creative on a weekly basis.  For my own sanity mostly, but also as a thank you to all of the truly creative people in blogland who take their time sharing their own projects, whether it be to inspire, to educate, or just to be a part of a larger creative community.  I recognize that for many people, including myself, blogging is not a significant source of income.

 I appreciate the creativity on the internet.  It inspires me.  It inspires my kids (when my kids need an art project idea and I'm too tired to come up with something). It's a really GREAT thing.  I also really appreciate those of you who follow this blog, leave comments, or shoot me an email telling me about how you've adapted some of my own projects.

Most of the time I've focused on rather simple projects, but over the last month or so I've found myself wanting to attempt some bigger and more time consuming projects, as well as drawing and illustrating more.  That's a good thing, because a year ago I probably wouldn't have attempted some of the same projects--I'd have been too overwhelmed.

However, these new projects it a bit harder to keep up my once a week posting schedule.  My posts might not be as frequent as they have been, but I hope that this blog continues to be a place where I document my creative journey.  And I hope you'll stick around for the ride...

So here's to a little spring break.  Do you have any plans?  I snapped the top picture above last week.  Here in CA we finally had some winter...in Spring!

Be back soon--with some new great projects to share!


Let's sew a dress!

Lu is very interested in sewing these days, and she's constantly thinking of things that she'd like to sew.  Most of the time she wants to sew dresses for her dolls (like we did here), but most oftentimes her requests for sewing time come at the most inopportune times (like when I'm cooking dinner).  She really needed something that she could sew independently, so I suggested than she make mini clothes for her felt dolls. 

Her eyes lit up and she ran to get some paper.  "First, Mommy, I need to make a pattern!"  She drew up patterns for the clothes and then raided my felt stash and started cutting out the fabric. She LOVES making these and is so incredibly proud of herself.  At 4, there's still a lot she needs help with.  Sometimes making scissors go the way she wants, and usually threading the needle and making a knot.  She's gotten very good at stitching though.  

All in all though, I love all of the skills it's teaching her beyond sewing.  It's a great way to practice her fine motor skills, and it's also a great exercise for thinking about how something is made and how to construct something new.  

What's your favorite first sewing project for kids?  We're always looking for something new to try around here!


oh Goofy!

Things here have been busy lately, and I've been working on a few bigger projects--including a house one (potentially a remodel) and a new pattern, so I feel like my creative juices are about out.  I can't wait to share with you both of these projects (if they ever become a reality!) but for now blogging might be a bit hit and miss.   I was in fact going to skip this post this week, until I realized that I had this post around sitting around from months ago!

I mentioned a while back that my 2 year old wanted a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse birthday celebration. We had lots of Mickey activities, including the hot dog dance and a cool glow in the dark Mickey treasure hunt.  What I failed to mention was that my kids decided that Goofy (aka:  Daddy) needed to attend these fabulous activities....dressed correctly of course!

And so we needed to make a Goofy hat.  For a minute I contemplated cardboard using a toilet paper roll, but alas I didn't have any handy when I needed it.  So I figured we'd go the fabric route and attach it onto a headband.  We threw one together in less than a half an hour with some fabric from my felt stash.

Planning a trip to Disneyland and want to make your own?  or are you having your own Mickey party?  Keep reading below:


Paper Flower Craft Kit

As I mentioned last week, my kids are totally into craft kits lately.  There are so many great options out there to buy, but it's often cheaper (and more fun!) to put together one of your own.  I got a silhouette cameo for Christmas/my birthday, and even though I didn't get it for my kids, I've found it's totally great for putting together fun crafts for the kids.  Plus they make great gifts!

What if you don't have a cameo?  No worries!  Hand cut flowers work just as well!  Let's get started...


Heart Cookie Kit

I meant to share this a few weeks ago...this is the Valentine's day present that I made for the girls.  Better late than never, I guess!  My kids have been eating up craft projects lately.  I really love the possibility of making craft kits out of paper, because they are inexpensive and easy to put together.  I have another kit to show you next week too.

Alright, so let me tell you a little bit about this kit. Basically, it's a paper "cookie making kit".  The girls decorated with markers and glue sticks, and loved putting them in their play kitchen to bake.  I threw in some glitter "sprinkles", markers, and a glue stick, and the girls crafted happily for over an hour.

Have you ever put together a paper crafting kit?  I'd love ideas....We had a touch of beautiful spring weather the other day, and I begin thinking of making a popsicle craft kit for summer.  The possibilities are endless!

Here's the template that I used to make our cookies, in case you'd like to use it!


Butterflies, Snails, and Monsters

Bugs are totally cool at our house right now.  We've watched our caterpillars turn into butterflies much to my kids' delight (and at times distress-our caterpillars were a bit slow in their journey to butterfly-hood.  This lead to many distraught exclamations from my kids, such as, "Oh no!  Mommy, I think they forgot how!", "Or caterpillars aren't listening!" to ""Oh no!!! There is so much caterpillar poop!"  Who knew that caterpillars produced so much waste?  but I digress.

I thought it would be fun to do a craft project to celebrate the release of our caterpillars into the world.  I was inspired by these adorable pasta snails that I stumbled across on pinterest, and I thought it might be fun to let my 4 year old paint the pasta, and then she could make the body out of playdough.  It turned out though that she wasn't too interested in painting, but I think they turned out cute this way too.  

want to see a few close ups of her creations?  some monsters, and the bugs that inspired the whole project?  Keep reading below!


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