DIY Personalized Luggage Tags!

 Hi all!

Today I'm over at Make It and Love it showing how to make these personalized luggage tags!  So hop on over and check out the new tutorial!

They'd make a great addition for your next trip, or great stocking stuffers too! We actually just got back from a big trip...and I can't wait to share all of the details!
Until then though, check out these cute little luggage tags (and maybe this fabric suitcase too!)

Have a great week everyone!




Quick and Easy Chalkboard Art (no chalkboard required!)

 If there are any projects that I especially love in December, it's the 30 minute ones!  It's just such a busy time of year.  But it's also a time of year with lots of entertaining too...which means that you might be looking for a way to make your house a little bit more festive.

Today I'm going to show you my very quick take on "chalkboard" art that I used to dress up my house.  And the best part?  It only cost $1 to make!  Pretty awesome right?

That's because the "chalkboard" here is just a piece of black poster board.  What does that mean?  Well, it means that you can make a pretty big piece of art really inexpensively.  I'm not sure how many of you remember my fireplace gallery of wall art:
 Well, I kind of felt that I needed to adjust this wall a bit for the holidays.  I framed some Christmas cards, old family photos, and even some sheet music that I played at Christmas on the piano when I was a kid! I used poster boards for the big frames. 
It's the chalkboard one that I want to talk about today though..because I love it so much!  

 Ready to see how I made this chalkboard art?  Keep reading below!


Thanksgiving Sale!

Hello Friends, 
Every year at Thanksgiving time I want to take a bit of time to really say THANK YOU for following this blog.  It really  means so much that you all follow me, leave me sweet comments, and purchase my patterns. 
This time of year can be such an expensive time for families, and it's for that reason that I often run a discount in my shop as well for my blog readers as another way to say thank you.  This year is no exception!  
Use the code THANKFUL2016 in my ETSY shop to get 40% off your order.  That's a big savings!   Expires 11/28. 

In case you've forgotten what patterns are available in my shop, I've included a synopsis below.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!  We have a big adventure planned...I can't wait to tell you all about it!


June Bug Doll Pattern

Puppy Dog Pattern

Fairy Pattern

Mini DollPattern

Baby Bug Pattern

Fairytale Doll Pattern
Bed Bug Doll Pattern


Just because they made me smile...

Hi all!  This time of year is just so busy.  So when my kids came home from school and spent hours making all sorts of dogs with just markers and plain white printer paper, I did a little happy dance.   They are just so cute!!

And let's just say I'm hoping it curbs their desire for a furry of their own...
because ever since Grandma tried to convince the girls that they should be asking Mommy and Daddy for a baby brother or sister (uh no...) they've been asking us daily for a dog. (HAHA!  Not quite what Grandma had in mind!)

Haha!  This group of dogs is much more my style!  Although I imagine the furry type might be an addition to our life at some point or another...
Ah, I love these little puppies!  Just so sweet! 
Have a great week everyone! XOXO, Jill


They are still my favorite things...

I very rarely do any craft project just because I like something or want to make something.  I usually put whatever demands my kids ask for first, and it doesn't seem that I get around to my own projects as much as I'd like.  So when I made these little sketches a couple of years ago it really felt like a gift to myself.

 Every morning they are one of the first things that I see, and I love looking at these little sketches.  My little one's nose that looked the same as in that very first ultrasound I saw of her.   These little drawings make me smile.

I decided it was time to update them.  I wanted to share them here on the blog too, in case you'd like to add it to your holiday "to make for gifts" list!


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