Happy (soon to be) St. Patrick's day!

Hi friends!

Are you getting ready for St. Patrick's day?  We've stocked up on Lucky charms, chocolate coins, and leprechaun trap plans!

I just want to remind you of this free leprechaun puppet that I put on the blog last year---It's one of my favorites! 

I know it's been a few weeks since I last wrote....but see, here's the thing...not too much crafting has been going on around here.  I've been taking lots of photos though, as I try to improve my photography skills, and I love it so much!

A few weeks ago we took an impromptu trip to the mountains so that the kids could play in the snow, and it was just such a fabulous time. There's nothing like fresh snow!  This trip meant leaving home when there was so much "to do" but all the memories we made was totally worth it!  We had such a great time...it was definitely worth the dirty laundry piling up.

I'm not totally devoid of crafting though...I'm working on new project! It involves lavender, and a dried flower wreath for Lu's first communion, so I'm gathering up flowers to dry.  Any great flower suggestions?

And finally, there's one other big thing going on around here....we're planning a trip to Europe!  We're looking at London, Amsterdam, and Paris, so if you have any wonderful kid friendly suggestions I'd love to hear them!  I can't wait for this adventure!




Make an astronaut helmet for your doll!

Hi friends!

Is it just me or is February flying by?  I'm pretty sure that Lu's main goal in life right now is to make sure that every spare moment I have is spent helping her make something for her doll.

In all honesty though it's been a lot of fun!  This astronaut helmet was on the top of her wish list every since she brought her Luciana doll home January 1st.  I think we came up with a pretty creative solution!  

Can you guess what we made it from?
 It's from a little plastic top from a dessert parfait!  The back side is a little plastic bowl that I found at the dollar store and I attached the front and back with a small piece of performance fabric.

Here's the view from the side:
Are you ready to make your own? Here's what you'll need:


Happy Valentine's day...and some new art supplies I LOVE!!

Hi friends!

I have to confess....I sent my kids to school with store bought Valentine's this year (and they weren't even cute)....taking on something more just seemed stressful, so we kept it nice and easy.  My kids didn't seem to care either way, and that made it so much easier to take the easy route!

I've still managed to fit in a little bit of creative fun though!  Every February I try to take some pictures of "sister love" and this year was no exception!  A half hour at the park before dinner  (where I let my kids do whatever they wanted) resulted in these, and I love them so, so much!  I'm really enjoying playing around with my photography with the kids!

  I've been playing around with some new art supplies too lately and I thought I'd share...because I think they are so fun!!  Have you seen these pens?  You can fill them with water and use them with gouache or watercolor paints.  They are so handy!  Especially if want to paint on the go.  I have a lot of practicing to do, but I think they are really neat!

 Another fun craft supply (which I haven't quite gotten the hang of yet is this cool "create your own" stamp kit.  I've seen these a lot on instagram and I'm eager to play around with them some more.

There's just something really fun about scraping away the rubber and seeing your image take shape. 

Anyway, I hope you all had a fabulous Valentine's day, and that you feel loved and appreciated!  I certainly appreciate you reading my little old blog! 




Luciana's Space Loft...and the empty box we gave Lu for Christmas...

Hi friends!
It's been a while!  I feel a little bit like my blog is turning into a blog about American girl dolls lately!  But that's just where our crafting has been taking us lately, so I hope you don't mind too much.

For Christmas we gave Lu an empty box for Christmas.  Inside there was a note which said we'd help her make anything that she'd like.  At first, she really wasn't too sure about this gift. Let's just say an empty box is maybe just a little bit disappointing to get for Christmas.

The husband and I have been talking a lot lately about how the only way you ever really become comfortable doing something is by actually trying out how to do things.  We've been trying to take a step back and have been asking ourselves what an 8 year old is capable of doing, and then letting her try.  Even if that means a messy kitchen (when she tries to make herself lunch) or seams that need to be pulled out when she tries to sew. 

This project was a lot about learning how to make something, and to let her try some new techniques.  It didn't take long for Lu to get excited about planning what she wanted to make. 

This project ended up being her absolute favorite gift.  She was so excited about the possibility of designing a bed for her doll that she could make HOWEVER she wanted! 

At the end she said to me, "Did you know that when you gave me that empty box you gave me the best gift ever?  It was so much better than you buying me a doll bed, and I got to spend time with both you and Daddy!"

That totally made it worth it.

Let's talk about this creation!!
It's a loft up top, perfect for star gazing with her homemade telescope (tutorial for that on another day)...and a bed on the bottom.  I like to think of it as a reverse loft bed.   Lu has two dolls though, so she really wanted to be able to convert the top into a bed as well, and we thought a sleeping bag would be the perfect solution!

We'll save the tutorial for the sleeping bag for another day...but this is a really great sleeping bag for someone just learning how to sew.  I had Lu figure out how to make it herself (which she found frustrating at first, but then was so excited when she figured it out herself!

It rolls up for easy storage. On the top loft part of the bed we put the bean bag chair that we made.

And we made some simple bedding for the bottom part:

 We made the telescope, a space helmet, and the sleeping bag too, but I'll save those tutorials for another day. UPDATE:  the space helmet tutorial is up!  See the link above.

 Let's talk about this bed and how it came together!!


A Homemade Wardrobe for a Wellie Wisher Doll....template included!

Hi friends,

I hope you've had a fabulous holiday season.  My kids are back in school now, and I think we're both grateful for having the time off, and happy to be going back to our normal routines!  Is it too late to talk about Christmas?  I hope not...because I have Christmas related tutorial for you today.

So you know I really love to make things.  What you might be surprised about though is that I have rarely ever made anything for my kids for Christmas.  It's really difficult to pull off a complete surprise this year--it's so hard to make something without the kids knowing!

This year though my kids had a sleepover at the grandparent's house, which gave me some kid-free time to pull off making some doll clothes for the doll that we were giving the girls for Christmas.  Originally I'd hoped that I would have lots of tutorials for you, but in the end I just didn't have the time to photograph/write up the instructions for all of the things that I made.

These clothes feel special to me for a couple of reasons.  For one, my grandmother once made me a whole set of clothes for my cabbage patch doll that I got for Christmas as a kid.  Secondly, I made the clothes out of my kids' old clothes!  I love seeing miniature versions of some of my favorite outfits from the time when my girls were toddlers.

If there's something in particular that you'd really like a tutorial for, let me know.  Maybe we can make another one and photograph it for you!  What I do have for you today is a tutorial for how to make a pair of pants for a Wellie Wisher doll....from a pair of your child's old leggings!

Because I used a pair of old leggings, these pants came together so incredibly quickly.  I was able to use the bottom seams and side seams from my daughter's leggings, which means I was able to cut down a lot on sewing for these. 
Ready for the tutorial?  Here you go!


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