Fourth of July DIY Tee

I feel a little strange posting this DIY today.  

At the beginning of last week I was really feeling pretty overwhelmed.  Sometimes I think motherhood seems to come with so many "have-to's", even if really aren't "have-to's" at all.  Mom guilt is REALLLL people.  And sometimes, when my kids seem to have a constant "to do" list for me that seems totally not manageable, and Pinterest seems like a neverending "to do" list, I just have to step back and remind myself that "I am enough," and that what I'm doing for my kids is enough too. 

It doesn't matter that on most days the house isn't clean and on most days I give my kids some paper and markers to draw with instead of some pre-planed great craft.   Sometimes  I just step back and say these things aren't the important stuff.  And I make it my motto for the week.

That was where I was at last week.  Maybe I won't even blog, I thought.  But then I go and made this shirt.  For red, white, and blue day at school.  Totally not following my motto for the week.  I could have just made her wear a plain red shirt...but I decided to transform it anyway!

And sure it came together in less than an hour.  Honestly it look longer to write the whole post up. But still, I'm' a little bit mad at myself.  Every single time I decide I'm just going to step back and do less...I don't.   

But here's the thing.  I always seem to over look the fact that making things is sometimes therapy all in itself.  Some people relax by running a mile.  Other people watch TV or read a great book.  I like to make things. 

So if you're me, and thing that making a patchwork sleeved shirt is something you'd enjoy, then keep reading on for the complete how-to! It comes together really easily because you just use a little bit of scrap fabric, some elastic, and a plain T shirt! 

Let's get started:


Make your own picture frames!!

 Hi all!  I'm continuing my crazy home improvement trend and today I'm showing you how I made my own picture frames!!  (We redid our lamp too...I found a couple of wire light covers off of Amazon, and then BOOM! modern light figure.)  

But let's talk about the frames right now.  We have some lovely art from my husband's grandfather and we've wanted to find frames for them.  The problem is that the art is odd shaped, and difficult to find frames for.  And custom framing is expensive, sooooo we decided to try a DIY option.  I really like how they turned out!  (Did anyone recognize our buffet?  That's a really old DIY on the blog!)


The frames are lovely though.  Not perfect by any means, but I think they look nice.   And today I'm going to show you how you can make your own!  Keep reading for all the details. 


Happy Mother's Day (Plus FREE WALL ART for you!)

Happy Mother's Day!   Most of you that follow my blog know that being a mom is a huge part of my life right now.  I also know that Mother's Day sometimes comes with lots of emotions for lots of people.  I really wanted to post something this week that would be a special treat for mothers, grandmothers, and want-to-be-mothers--and well, anyone that has or has had a mother.  On a day that's meant to celebrate kindness, selflessness, and generosity, I thought what could be better than some free art to adorn your computer or walls!   

I hope that at whatever point you are in your life today, this little bit of art brings a little bit of extra happiness to you today.  My blog here is just a little one.  I don't have thousands of followers.  My ad revenue is super tiny.  Sometimes I wonder why I continue blogging, because it is so much work.  The truth is though is that I appreciate bloggers.  I appreciate people who share their creative journeys with the world, and that's a movement that I want to be a part of.  I appreciate YOU who read my tiny blog, comment, and share a little piece of my creative journey. 

A little while ago I convinced the hubby to hang up a whole bunch of empty frames above our recently remodeled fireplace. He was a bit perplexed, since I didn't have any art to hang in the frames.  I had a plan though.  I had ideas.  The problem was...I always came up with a gazillion reasons for why I shouldn't create art (mainly because I really lack confidence in my artistic abilities.)  Well, let me tell you...a wall of empty frames is a pretty good motivator!

And how does the quote go? something about a journey of a 1000 miles beginning with a single step?  Yep.  Slowly but surely.  And they certainly aren't perfect.  But I'm sharing the art with you anyways....and I hope that you like them!


Simple BOHO style Kimono

Hi all!

Are you so excited that I'm back here with a sewing project?  (Since as you all know, I've been keeping myself very busy with house projects lately!)  Today's post is actually a tutorial over on Make It and Love It.  I don't sew for myself very often,  but every time I do I always think, "I should totally do this more often!"  

And yet I don't.  You mamas know what that's like, right?  There are just too many other projects that need to happen! (Or at least that little people want me to make happen!)  So if I am going to make something for myself, it has to be 1) EASY and 2) WORTH it.  Yah, it can't be to make a project that I could buy somewhere premade for $5.  

AND that's what I LOVE about this kimono.  I've always thought kimonos were super pretty, but some I have seen have come with a really expensive price tag.  Plus it's super quick to make?  You can whip one of these up in less than 1 hour.  WIN.

It's the lace though that really makes the kimono though in my opinion.  It was upcycled from an old pillowcase!  And you'll have to hop over to Make It and Love It to see the back--which has more LACE-Y goodness.  So hop on over for more pics and the full tutorial!

 And in case you wonder what else I've been up to...since I haven't been sewing as much.  Here is a picture from our latest adventure.  

We found a creek!  With tadpoles.  And when you are 4 and 6 (and maybe in your 30's...) that's pretty darn awesome. 
Have a great week everyone!  I'm off to enjoy some sunshine...and maybe catch some tadpoles!  I love the spring!



PS:  If you loved my Kimono tutorial, you might like some of these other great tutorials!


Geometric Watercolor Art for Your Walls!

Sometimes I feel like my creative projects are always all over the place.  A sewing project.  An art project.  A home project.  I'm sorry guys!  Sometimes it just seems like I can't concentrate on one subject matter.  I love creative projects...and I love trying new things!  Lately I've been drawn to art, and well, decorating my walls.

I've been so inspired by all the beautiful watercolor art pictures showing up everywhere, and I wanted to try to make my own.  What I love about this post today is that it has a little bit of water coloring (by hand!), some photoshop, and the whole process feels a bit like using rubber stamps.  Oh, and did I mention it's easy?  Yeah.  Super easy.  I think the technique could be really fun to make some awesome art from kids' doodles too....so put this project aside for mother's day! 
But before I get to far along, I want to give some shout outs to some super inspiring work.  First this tutorial on how to make brush presents.  It was this post which first got my head turning about how to "stamp" in photoshop.  I was also inspired by this beautiful fabric, and this beautiful illustration work. 

When I was in high school and college I'd fill my notebooks with geometric doodles.  My teachers would always think that I wasn't paying attention, but in reality I felt like I could concentrate better on what they were saying when I was doodling.  There's something about this project that reminds me of those doodles!  It's kind of brainless and fun.

Are you ready to get started?  Let's go!


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