Geometric Watercolor Art for Your Walls!

Sometimes I feel like my creative projects are always all over the place.  A sewing project.  An art project.  A home project.  I'm sorry guys!  Sometimes it just seems like I can't concentrate on one subject matter.  I love creative projects...and I love trying new things!  Lately I've been drawn to art, and well, decorating my walls.

I've been so inspired by all the beautiful watercolor art pictures showing up everywhere, and I wanted to try to make my own.  What I love about this post today is that it has a little bit of water coloring (by hand!), some photoshop, and the whole process feels a bit like using rubber stamps.  Oh, and did I mention it's easy?  Yeah.  Super easy.  I think the technique could be really fun to make some awesome art from kids' doodles too....so put this project aside for mother's day! 
But before I get to far along, I want to give some shout outs to some super inspiring work.  First this tutorial on how to make brush presents.  It was this post which first got my head turning about how to "stamp" in photoshop.  I was also inspired by this beautiful fabric, and this beautiful illustration work. 

When I was in high school and college I'd fill my notebooks with geometric doodles.  My teachers would always think that I wasn't paying attention, but in reality I felt like I could concentrate better on what they were saying when I was doodling.  There's something about this project that reminds me of those doodles!  It's kind of brainless and fun.

Are you ready to get started?  Let's go!


The Day My Couch Grew Up--An IKEA Kivik Hack

 Do you feel like you go through these phases of projects?  Like all of a sudden you do a bunch of house projects, or then it's sewing, or crafts, etc.  I'm in a "house phase" right now.  We've made a list of things we want to get done, and we've been slowly working our way through the list.

Today though I'm going to tell you about my "grown up" couch.  Although really, it seems weird calling my Ikea couch a "grown-up couch" because, well, my ideal grown up couch is probably like 3x as expensive. Until I get my real grown up couch though, I'm pretty darn excited about this "grown up" couch.  

Last year we went to Ikea to look at sofas, and I was eying the Karlstad....but we came home with a Kivik.  Why?  Well, because we decided that the Kivik was just way more comfortable.  While I might have been willing to tough out the comfort factor, there was no way my hubby was going to settle for a couch he deemed "horribly uncomfortable."

We compromised on the Kivik...under one condition:  We had to raise it.  It was just too low to the ground.  Now we naively thought that this would be an easy fix.  Just add legs, right?  No.  Not at all.  Not when you have a sectional.

There's this little piece of metal that attaches the chaise to the rest of the couch. It also acts as leg.  

So needless to say it took us a year to finally getting around to figuring out a solution.  I'm so happy we did, because seriously, it makes such a difference, not only in it's appearance, but for comfort too!  We're a tall family so that extra couple of inches is huge!

Oh, and I did I mention that we raised our couch for less than $20?  Yeah.  What a deal, right?
Are you ready for the details?  Here we go!


DIY False Bottom Magician's Hat

Last week was spring break for my kids.  Whenever my kids seem to have a little bit of down time at home, they kind of become crazy craft-demanding machines.  Often this involves elaborate planning--in the form of pictures--followed quickly by requests for me to make whatever it is they've "designed."

I both dread and enjoy these crazy crafting phases.  Dread because I usually have a different idea of how we're going to spend an afternoon, but I love them too because I hope that they will be really fun memories for my kids.

This magician's hat was no different.  When they asked me to help them make one, I was about to start drafting a hat when I remembered....Crystal had an adorable Leprechaun hat on Make It and Love It a few weeks ago!   I realized I could adapt her pattern pretty easily to turn it into a Magician's hat.  So about as quick as I could say "Abracadabra!" we had a new hat!

From the outside it looks like a simple black top hat... and on the inside....
Have you figured out how it works?  It has a false bottom...perfect for storing a bunny (or whatever else you'd like to pull out of your magic hat.)  Do you remember this bunny?  learn how to make it here.
Are you ready to make your own?  First jump on over to Make It and Love It for the template and tutorial basics, then come back here to see how with a few changes you can be  rockin' a magician's hat!


A Baby Travel Quilt (plus a GIVEAWAY!!!)

Easy to make baby travel quilt
Hi guys!  Have you had a great week?  We've been enjoying spring break, soaking up some pool time and enjoying some down time at home.  I wanted to stop by here though to let you know of a few Snugglebug University happenings around the web right now.

First, my contributor post at Make it Love it is up right now!  This month I'm showing how to make a travel baby blanket.  It makes a super cute baby gift... so hop on over to Make it Love it to see the full tutorial!

Secondly, I'm doing a giveaway!  Yay!  I'm giving away THREE patterns (of your choice!)  So hop on over to Sew Can She to enter. 

Have a great rest of the week everyone!




Happy Feet...and a New Bag!

My kids have a HUGE dancing obsession lately.   Lu mostly fuels this obsession...we've nicknamed her happy feet because she's literally dancing everywhere.  Not only does she dance everywhere...but she's so focused on her feet that she dances INTO everything.  My poor uncoordinated kid!  I think those uncoordinated genes come from me! 

Ellie is happily following along with her older sister's obsession, even if I do think that gymnastics probably suits her personality a whole lot better than ballet.  Ellie realized this past week though that she STILL didn't have a bag to keep her ballet shoes in (while Lu's had one for YEARS).  So yeah, I guess it was about time for me to throw a bag together for Ellie.  
 My little ballerina requested herself and a picture of a dancing dog on her ballet bag. So I sketched some out using a fabric marker and added some tulle for a skirt.  Leave it to my animal loving Ellie to want a dancing dog on her bag!  So silly! I just sewed around the edges of my bag fabric to secure it, and then it was as simple as making a draw string bag.

What I loved best about this bag though was that I literally threw it together in less than an hour...just in time for dance class.  

Keep reading below for the complete how to!


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