Last Minute Halloween Crafts and Costumes...

I don't know about the rest of you, but October has been a very busy month for us.  I normally write a calender each month on the chalkboard door in our kitchen, and I realized on October 15th that I'd yet to write up October's.  Instead I had a stack of random notes--some written on scraps of paper and napkins--in a pile by the door.  Oops.  And let's not talk about the state of my house...which I probably should be cleaning right now instead of writing this blog post.  Oh well....

In fact, these were the crafts that I really didn't think would happen this year, but when we had to cancel many of the activities this past weekend because my oldest is sick with a fever, these crafts seemed like the perfect activities!  Now the hubby and I have costumes to go with the kids Anna and Elsa costumes, and we've got a great Halloween craft to share with our friends at a Halloween party we are going to this week (Note: this ghost craft was inspired by this craft here).  Want to make your own?  Keep reading for all of the details.


The dolls are up in the shop!

Alright, I know I've been promising this for a long time, but I just wanted to let you all know that I've finally put my bedbug dolls and mice up in the shop!  These little 9 inch dolls were made using my Bedbug Pattern, but they contain a bit more embellishment than the regular pattern provides.  Two of the dolls have attached shoes, and the mice have a quilted sleeping bag instead of just regular fabric.  

Enough talk though...let me introduce the items in my shop.

These little mice can be tucked into their sleeping bags.  The boy mouse has a sleeping shirt and the girl mouse has a removable skirt.  (Mice sold in separate listings).

This Cora doll has a slew of lovely clothes in addition to her apple sleeping bag:

 Emma has a similar wardrobe and sleeping bag:

 Lastly is the mermaid doll, which comes with a mermaid tale and two skirts, in addition to her sleeping bag:

I'd recommend these dolls for kids over three.  I've worked hard to make these dolls compatible with the requirements for selling stuffed toys in the US.  I haven't had the time to look up the requirements for elsewhere in the world, so I'm afraid that I can't ship these little ones internationally. :-( However I'd be happy to send you my digital pattern!  

Thank you for supporting Snugglebug University!


Doll Sleeping Bag Tutorial

I've got something fun here for you today.  Today I'm celebrating the release of my latest pattern in my pattern shop:  the bedbug doll pattern!  I thought what better way to celebrate than to show you how to make an adorable sleeping bag for your dolls.  It's a sneak peak into what my pattern is like, and also a great example of how you can customize a pattern to really fit your own style and needs. With these basic steps you should be able to create a sleeping bag for any doll...small like my bed bugs, or large!  Just make your pieces larger or smaller as necessary.

Enough talking...let's get started!


Introducing the Bedbug Doll Pattern!

UPDATE:  The pattern is now available in my pattern shop!

Alright guys!  It's time to introduce my latest pattern which will be up in the shop within a week or so:  The Bedbug Doll Pattern!  As I mentioned in my last post, this is what happens when you let an almost 3 year help you pick fabric in a fabric store and dictate your sewing.  Things got slightly out of control...and she couldn't be happier.  The pattern has two different short hair options and two long hair options: buns or pigtails.  There's also a superhero mask, and a easy sleeping bag pattern!  The dolls themselves are about 9 inches tall.  There are lots of options:

Clothing can be either attached, detached, or a combination of both.  Instructions are provided to either draw on or embroider the face.  There are lots of detached clothes options:

And because my two year old is kind of obsessed right now with playing doctor:

It's a tough job being a superhero or a mermaid!  If you use felt for the hair or clothing, the felt band-aids even adhere!  Then you can tuck them all into bed and wish them a speedy recovery!

I thought it might be fun to make a few more customized dolls to show how you can take the pattern one step further...I used the pattern to make these lovely mice...  Recognize those ears?  They are really just the pigtails!  I've included the embroidery face template in this pattern in case you too want to make a mouse....

And I've decided to add the following five dolls to my Etsy shop (they will hopefully be listed by November 1st!).  More about those though later. 

 Keep reading for more pattern details: 


A sneak peak...

I have exciting news!  I've been working super hard lately sewing like well, crazy. My 2 year old started it all, and then things got just a tad bit out of control.  That's good news for you though!  Give me a couple of weeks and I hope to have an adorable new pattern in the shop...AND a FEW DOLLS/MICE too!!!  That's right!  A couple of these guys will be in my shop pretty soon, just in time for the holidays!


Padded headbands!

Hi all, just stopping by from what is turning out to be a very busy week to tell you that I'm a new contributor for A Nest for All Seasons.  Yay!  Click on over to see my tutorial for padded headbands.

I'm so excited that Amy invited me to be a contributor.  If you haven't heard of A Nest for All Seasons before, check it out!  Amy has some wonderful posts on gardening that I think will be super helpful to me, given that my yard currently looks like this:

Yay, that's right....we're poolless!!  Let the home addition project begin!!  That also means that I think we're hopefully about done with the bobcat, which my daughter is quite certain is going to come into the house and eat her for lunch. (Oh the joys of construction, right?)  I'll have to give a housing update soon!!


The "Other" Anna Jumper

A few of you might remember that last spring I made my girls jumpers, inspired by the outfits worn by the young Anna and Elsa in the movie Frozen.  I drafted a free pattern, and shared it in my Craftsy store.  You can find the whole tutorial here.  

Today though I'm going to show you how with a few modifications you can use that same pattern to make a simple version of the adult Anna dress. Just in time for Halloween, right!

Ready to get started?  This is really simple!


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