Zippered Car Pouch Tutorial

Hi all!  I feel like I have such awesome content this week to share.  It's so fun!  Here on the blog today I'm showing how to make this zippered car pouch, and  I'm also over at Make It Love It showing how to make this zippered pouch rocket ship!!!  Two great "zippered pouch" tutorials that are great for both boys AND girls!

And while both of these tutorials are for complicated shape structures that include zippers, the way that they come together is TOTALLY different.  So make sure you check out both tutorials!

Alright, let's talk a little bit about this lovely little car pouch.  Ellie may love baby dolls, fairies, and dressing up, but she also really loves vehicles.  I however, don't particularly like finding them at the bottom of my purse, or (worse) underneath my feet!  I thought that having a little pouch to keep them all in might be great for all of us...and the best part is...it's cute too!

I toyed with making this little car pouch a pattern--with a few different variations--but in the end I decided I'd give it away for free here on the blog.  If there's a demand for more--think school bus, fire engine, police car--let me know as I'll consider making a more detailed pattern.  If you do like this tutorial though I'd love it if you'd leave a comment, or better yet, follow me! (You can find me on pinterest, instagram, and facebook ).  And if you make your own pouch I'd love to see!  Post it on instagram and tag me so that I don't miss it!

Ok, let's talk about this little beauty:
It's a simple car, that's completely lined, with a zippered closure and simple felt wheels. (Although buttons would be great to substitute too!
Want to make your own car?  Let's get started.


Easy DIY Fabric Butterflies

About a year ago we moved the girls into a different bedroom in the house because it was a bit larger. We persuaded them to switch by telling them they could decorate it however they liked, but we've been slow to make the decorating changes happen.  Honestly, I'd really hoped that the yellow walls would grow on them.  Alas, it's a year later and the kids still wanted a pink room...so I finally made it happen last week.  Another one of their other requests was fabric butterflies.  So check!  I can cross them off my list too...and I'm excited to share them with you today!

I'm actually not sure what I'm going to do with them yet.  I have a few ideas...so I'll keep you posted! 

The butterflies are all in pinks, blues and purples because those are the colors of the room...but I could totally see these butterflies with embroidered wings and beautiful bright colors.   

I'm going to do a quick (and not super detailed tutorial today) for how to make them.  If you make your own, I'd love to see them!  Post pics on instagram and tag me so that I don't miss them!  And if something isn't clear, leave a comment and I'll get back to you with clarification. 

   My little ladies really love them, and I hope you do to! Ready to make your own?  Let's get started:

  • Fabric scraps 
  • A small amount of fusible stabilizer (such as Peltex 71F Single sided ultra firm stabilizer)
  • A small amount of poly-fil
  • embroidery floss
  • Template (download it from my craftsy store or download the image at the bottom of this post) 
Begin by cutting out the pieces:
Begin by fusing your stabilizer to the wrong side of one of the butterfly wings.  Leave open one of the sides, as shown below.  Turn the wings right side out and press.  Sew a top stitch along the sides of the butterfly wings, securing the opening.

A note about Peltex:
Peltex 71F Single sided ultra firm stabilizer is a super strong stabilizer that requires a heavy duty needle to sew through.  Pieces adhered to Peltex are cut smaller than the actual pieces they will be fused to.  Put shiny adhesive side on wrong side of fabric. Iron on fabric side (not Peltex side).  Iron on high, putting pressure as you iron.  Cover with a damp cloth and press firmly for 10-15 seconds, lift and move to next area until the entire area is adhered.  Remove damp cloth and iron to remove extra moisture.

Place the right sides of the butterfly body together and sew around the edges, leaving the base open.  Clip curve regions, turn right-side out, and stuff.
Use a whip stitch to close up the opening.  
Embroider the face of the butterfly as desired:
Then sew the wings to the back of the butterfly body.  The closer you add your wings to the side of the body the more that your wings will stand up, rather than lay flat.
I added the embroidery to the wings after I added I had the rest of the butterfly done, although you really could do it before you sewed the wings to the body.

And here's a close up of one of the finished butterflies:
What do you think?  Now what should I do with them?  Hang them from the ceiling?  Put them on the walls?  Or something else?  I'm just not sure!  

Finally, I just want to give a big shout out of THANKS to those of you who started "officially" following me via emailfacebook, instagram or pinterest.  It really does mean so much to me!  Thanks for sharing your LOVE!

I shared this post on Sew Can She's Show Off Saturday.  Click below to see the other great projects!


Cupid's Arrows: A Valentine's Day Craft

So it's that time of year again.  And by that I don't mean Valentine's day.  No, no, I mean that time of year where it seems like someone is constantly sick in the house.  Which means lots of time at home....and children that seem to constantly demand that they be entertained.

So how does Mom handle it?  Well, by spending the afternoon making the children shoot darts at each other!  Of course!  HAHA!  Seriously though, my kids LOVED these guys.  

I told Ellie that the story of Cupid goes something like this: whoever got hit by Cupid's arrow would fall in love with whoever she saw first. 

Now I've got to tell you that Ellie is totally obsessed right now with marrying me.  She takes my husband's wedding ring (whenever he takes it off to shower), sticks it on her finger, and says, "Mommy!  I'm married to you!"  It's about the cutest thing. 

So can you guess how these arrows went down?  Well, something like this.  Mommy I shot you!  Look at me Mommy!  Mommy!! Look at me!  All while I pretended to fall in love with every random inanimate object around me, much to her despair.  HAHA! (And of course, I did eventually "fall in love" with her too, much to her pleasure! Silly girl!)

Now you may have seen some straw shooters on Pinterest, but there is actually a secret to these little guys that make them SO. MUCH. BETTER.  Truthfully, If you've ever used paper to make a straw shooter ...just stop.  Seriously.  

Want to know the secret?


What Pattern Should I Make Next?

A fun surprise came in the mail for me this past week.  A few of my stuffies are featured in Stuffed Magazine!  How cool is that right?  When my I showed my kids, Ellie said,"Wow, Mommy! You're in a magazine.  You're amazing!  We should sign you up for ballet lessons!"

Haha!  Super funny right?  If only my ability to sew translated into some sort of athletic ability.  But alas, we all have our talents and ballet is certainly not one of mine!

This issue of stuffed contains Cora Jean, one of the dolls from my original Bed Bug pattern:
 Bunny, which is an adaption of the bedbug pattern:
 And one of my fairies too!  I think this pattern might be my favorite pattern to date.
Anyway, super exciting right!  So next time you're at your local store, check out my feature in Stuffed Magazine.  The magazine itself is such high quality that it feels almost like a book.  Lots of super cute stuffed friends inside too.
Anyway, getting this magazine in the mail last week made me wonder if I should be making a new pattern sometime soon.  It's been a little while!

I'd love to hear what you think.  Should it be another doll pattern?  An animal of some sort?  Or maybe even a lot of animals, with Noah and his ark?  I'm curious to know what you think!  I'd love it if you could answer the question below. (You can mark and "X" for categories that interest you, or type in a specific suggestion.  If the embedded question isn't viewing correctly on your device, you can click find the web version here)    Or if you have another idea for a pattern leave a note in the comments!  I love feadback!

Thanks so much!  You all are best!!

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Felt Flower Pillows

We've had lots of rain so far this winter.  It's a good thing though, as California desperately needs the water since we've been in a horrible drought.  So I can't complain about the weather at all, yet I do find myself yearning for spring a bit.  Yearning for wildflowers, and running through field of wildflowers like we did last year.  The hills around the San Francisco bay become dramatically covered in wildflowers in the spring, and having had such a wet winter, I'm sure that they will be spectacular this year. 

For now though I'm content to make a cup of hot chocolate and sit down on the couch sewing up some felt embellished flower pillows as the rain comes pouring down.  I chose to make two, based on the state flowers for California and Maryland--the two states where my kids were born.

Of course, it's a bit more challenging to take pictures when it's so dark outside (and inside) all of the time.  So let's keep these pictures, real, ok?  I took most of the pictures above in my backyard.  My pillows only got a tad bit drizzly, but boy did my kids think I was crazy!  hah!

 Would you like a few more details about the pillows and how they came together?  Keep reading below:


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