Mermaid and Pirate Puppets--Plus all the Details of Ellie's Mermaid Birthday Bash!

Hi friends!

The last few weeks I have been in major birthday planning mode!  I mentioned a while back that Ellie asked for a mermaid party...and we had it this past weekend.  I was really not good about taking pictures during the party...too many faces to paint, and kids to keep track of. So I just made this round up picture to share with you...  You'll recognize the mermaid bows, the photobooth with jellyfish decor, the mermaid drinks, and today I'm going to share with you the how to for the puppets!!!

One of Ellie's requests was for me to make her some mermaid and pirate puppets for the kids to put together. 

You know that I've made a lot of these puppets over the years...Remember these? We've made leprechauns, fairies, elves, and a ballerina! I show you all the "colored-in" versions that I made for my kids, but remember that the templates I provide are actually empty...so you can color them in however you'd like!

Today I'm going to share with you a new template for mermaids and a pirate!! 
Ellie wanted the mermaid to look just like her...I did my best! I hope you can use the template that I provided to create a puppet that looks just like your child!  Or even better, let your kids make a version for themselves!
Here's a close up of our handsome pirate:
 Alright, are you ready to make some puppets?  Let's get started!


Make Your Own Unicorn Hat!

Hi guys!

I have a fun, simple project to share with you today!!  My kids and I have a Halloween party to go to in a couple of weeks, and we thought it would be really fun to all go as the same thing.  I wanted something simple--since I've already made the kids their regular Halloween costumes.  Lu came up with the idea of going as unicorns, and I thought it would be so fun! We thought we could all wear white, and we'd be easy peasy unicorns!

So yes, I actually made THREE unicorn hats, but Lu was under the weather when I was taking the "finished" pictures here...so I just have these of me with my baby unicorn Ellie!
This project is really simple guys!  It starts out with a simple white baseball hat (that you can find in most craft stores).  Then add a little bit of felt, a stuffed horn, yarn, and some googly eyes! Easy peasy.

 It was virtually impossible to get pictures of Ellie not making her "unicorn face" or crawling around on all fours.  I'm thinking I might have to rethink her wearing all white, haha!
Who is ready for the tutorial?


My Favorite Art Books for Kids

Please note this post contains Amazon affiliate links.  This basically means that if you purchase from Amazon after clicking on one of these links, a small portion of the sale goes to me...all at no cost to you.  Fine Art Adventures was given to me to review as well.  All opinions shared in this article are my own though.

Hi friends!

Remember when I did a summer art series with my kids?   I spent so much time this summer digging through art books at our public library...and the local bookstore...that it seemed like a waste to not share that info with you.

There are some really good ones guys!  Any of these would make great additions to an art library, and I'm really hoping that they will get your kids just as excited about art as they did for my kids!  Some are picture books about famous artists.  Others are activity books, and others are just really great resources!

Let me tell you a little bit about these awesome books!


DIY Jellyfish Costume Tutorial!


Hi friends!

Have your kids started to think about Halloween costumes yet?  I just finished mine, and we went "under the sea" with our theme this year! Ellie decided to be a mermaid (no surprise there!), and Lu decided to be a Jelly fish. Don't they look cute?

I'm sharing the tutorial for the Jellyfish costume on Make It and Love It today, but I'll share a few pictures of Ellie's costume here.

I threw it together quickly (hence no step-by-step pictures) but I think it turned out cute!  
 She likes it at least, so I guess that is all that matters! She's excited to wear it for her mermaid birthday party soon!
Hop on over to Make It and Love It to see more pictures of Lu as a Jelly fish...including it's secret feature.  It glows!! 

Have a great week everyone!




Mermaid Craziness: DIY Mermaid Bows and Mermaid Italian Sodas

Hi friends!!

Someone in my family is REALLY into mermaids right now.  She's also turning 6 pretty soon, which means we've got a mermaid party in the works.  This means lots of mermaid party preparations...
I'm looking forward to showing you all of the party details in a couple of weeks, but I thought I'd share a few party tutorials with you today!

 Like these mermaid Italian sodas....

and mermaid bows!

Want to see how these came together? 

The bows were super easy.  Just a few rectangles of mermaid rectangles.  I folded them in half and added hot glue along two of the sides, leaving one side open.  Once the glue dried, I turned the bow inside out. 

I tucked in the raw edges, and added a little bit of glue.
Now that I had all raw edges tucked under and glued, I used a small piece of ribbon to tie the middle of the bow. I added a little bit of glue under the ribbon, and slipped in the hair clips.
I cut off the ends of the ribbon and that was it!

Ok, now about those mermaid drinks! 

Here's what you'll need:
  • sparkling water or club soda
  • Torani peach syrup
  • blue food coloring
  • whipped cream
  • sprinkles

 Ok guys, these drinks came about as quite a bit of trial and error.   The order is important here! Start with adding your sparkling water to your glass. Then add a little bit of the syrup to the side of the glass.  It will settle towards the bottom. Then add just one drop of food coloring.

Add a little bit of whipped cream.    I added sprinkles to the top--I especially love the little sprinkles that look like little pearls!  So fun!
Yum!  Right?  I'm excited to share more mermaid fun with you soon! 

Have a great week everyone!!




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