2014...so far...

So I decided about a month ago that it would be fun to do a gallery of the things that I've made and blogged about so far in 2014.  I meant to post this before the headband series, but somehow time got away from me and it got pushed back until now.  Better late than never!  Here are the links to each of these projects from the first half of 2014:


Fabric Headband Tutorial

Alright, are you all ready for the grand finale of the headband series?  This one is a good one!

First though, I have a confession to make.  I'm not a hair person.  I'm not really even a hat person.  Or a bow person.  Or a make-up person...and I really feel silly wearing things on my head.  

So I'm going to be totally honest.  I made these fabric headbands with the girls in mind.  I didn't really expect to wear them.  But as I working out a template, I made the first one too big--my size.  And then I tried it on, and I kind of loved it....especially the yellow one.  Even if I do probably look silly ;-)  I don't know why, but looking at these little guys just makes me happy.

Alright, so I'm going to give three templates as a part of this tutorial, which I've labeled as 1) Toddler 2) Child/ Small Adult and 3) Adult.  The toddler size is based off of my 2 year old, who has a big head.  (I mean it seriously.  We had to do an ultrasound on her head as baby just to make sure something wasn't wrong.)  So if your kid is more petite--mine is 95th percentile--you might want to make it a bit smaller ok?
My pretty average adult sized head fits both the 2) and 3) sizes.  You can download the template in my pattern shop

The templates are just for the fabric band--not the flowers--but you can see how to make some of these flowers here, and here.  I recommend adding the flowers last, after the headband is finished.  Attach any lace earlier though, before you attach the front headband piece to the back.

Alright, are you ready to get started? 


"Ears" Headband Pattern

Hi everyone!  I'm back today with a new headband in my headband series.  This one will be my only paid pattern of the series, and you can find the pattern in my pattern shop.  Next week I'll be back with my grand finale of the series, and it's a big one!  There will be two templates for both adults and kids, and can I tell you a secret?...it's my favorite of the whole series!  And like I mentioned before...it's free!

Alright, but let's get back to today.  Anyone want some ears?  These originally came about because when I got on this latest headband making kick, my little one was quite adamant that she didn't want some flowery headband.  She wanted ears!  I designed these little guys and she was super happy, and she loves wearing them (which really says something because it is super hard to keep anything in her hair--and trust me she needs something to hold back all of those curls!)

Alright, let's talk pattern details:


DIY Baby Headband

Alright...It's July!!! Do you know what that means?  That's right! It's time for the promised headband tutorials!  I'm kicking off this series with this baby headband this week, but I'll be back with a new tutorial/pattern for different headbands next week and the week after.  

Alright, so what's this week's tutorial all about?  Well, I totally love all of the felt flower headbands that you see all over Pinterest.  I actually planned out making this headband two years ago--right before my then baby's baptism!  But alas, it didn't happen.  Well, better late than never I guess!  The good news is that not only did I finally get around to making it, but I also wrote up a tutorial so that you can make your own.  

This size is great for babies, but if your ribbon is supper stretchy it might even fit a preschooler too--it fits my 4 year old!

Alright, ready to get started?


Cat and Dog

Alright!  You all ready for a tutorial for this cute little kitty?  This is a follow-up post for my feature on Sew Mama Sew.  If you haven't seen it yet, you can find the tutorial for the dog house and puppy dog there. They are the perfect size to go with my felt mini dolls!


Check out my post on Sew Mama Sew!

Hi all!  I'm over on Sew Mama Sew today to show you how to make this adorable little puppy and doghouse.  This pattern came about after my little one begged for a dog for her felt mini dolls.  I figured....well, better than a real puppy, right?  Anyway, I'm so excited for my guest post on Sew Mama Sew, and supper happy about our new puppy addition.  So go check it out!

Then come back tomorrow here for a tutorial on how to make a little kitty friend for your dog!


DIY "You are Loved" Garland

I'm excited about the project that I have to share with you today, a "You are Loved" Garland.  I think I could probably file this under the category of "something I would never have made if I didn't have two young girls."  It's a funny thing to think about one's style and how it evolves over time, isn't it?

As a little kid I loved pink and purple, and the frilly white curtains that hung in my room.  I loved to lay on my bed and watch them "dance" in the wind created by my ceiling fan, and I'd pretend that they were elegant dancers in a ball.  Now I have two little girls who love everything fancy, and I enjoy creating tapping into my more feminine side to make them things.  Like this house pillow, and this rag quilt.

I've always loved decorating with words and quotes, and I figured what better words to put in a little girls' room than "You are Loved?"

It's a pretty simple project.  Want to make your own?  Let's get started!


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