DIY Bunny Stuffies--Easy enough for a kid to make!

Happy Monday friends!

I hope your week is off to a great start.  Today I'm sharing a simple project that I did with my kids last week.  It was totally spontaneous and unplanned, but my kids totally ate it up.

It seems like as my kids get older it's harder and harder to be able to just have a crafting afternoon.  Between sports and extracurricular activities we are just so busy!  So I really cherish the times when we do get a chance to do a little unplanned crafting.

We made bunnies!  They are tiny little things, made exclusively from my scrap bin.  Yet my kids love them so much!
 My 7 year old did almost all of the sewing herself, and she was so proud of the result.  She really liked trying to figure out how we could make a simple bunny from just a few pieces.
These little bunnies are a really great first sewing project for kids, and you can even use a hot glue gun if you want to make it even simpler.
 Who wants to make some bunnies?


One-Of-A-KInd Throw Pillows

Fabric in this post was provided by Contrado.  All thoughts, opinions, and designs are my own.

Hello friends! 

 I'm really excited about today's post for several reasons.  For one, I think it's super exciting to be able to have the tools to design our own home products.  Like the fabric for my dishtowels a few weeks ago, the fabric for these pillows came from Contrado.  I sent them my designs, and they printed out my designs on an absolutely lovely velvet shimmer fabric.  It's thick and luxuriously soft, and I was totally in love with how vivid my designs printed out. 

 I absolutely love showcasing projects on this blog that empower people to be designers....even if it's just for their own homes.  There's just something incredibly exciting to see your own designs or photographs show up as material on your doorstep.  I don't think I'll ever tire of it!

But the second reason that I'm so excited for this post is that it's kind of a big step for me.  About six months ago I really felt the need to try something new.  I was rather overwhelmed at the time, and I found myself photographing flowers from my yard.  And then adding in some designs with watercolor and ink pens.  I was just experimenting and relieving some stress by crafting.  

Lately I've found myself being drawn to explore this creative medium more and more...and I'm really, really excited by it.  Yet I haven't really shared anything about these projects on the blog here...until now! Even thought I blog every week, I still feel a little intimidated sharing my art here, because I still feel like I have so much to learn.
I think these throw pillows are perfect "coming out" for my art, don't you think though? I'm excited to share this little "piece of my heart" with you today!
And I'm going to show you how you can make some truly special pillows of your own too.  I'm going to talk about how you can add a little bit of trim to really make your pillows something special. It makes them look so professional!
 See, doesn't a little bit of trim elevate these pillows to a whole new level?  I don't think that they look homemade at all!
Oooohhhhh...And this trim too.  I'm seriously swooning.
You're going to want to make some of these! They really aren't hard to make once you know a few simple tricks!

Let me tell you the tips to make some really professional looking pillows!


Make Your Own Leprechaun Puppets--Free Printable!

Hello Friends!

I'm not exactly sure how it's March 12th today....only 5 more days until St. Patrick's day?  Really? Time is flying by!

This post really should have gone up last week, but I didn't quite have my act together.  I'm just going to say I'm actually a day early from my Monday post instead of a week late....but I hope that it's still enough time for you to make this simple craft with your kiddos!

 I drew up these little leprechaun puppets for my kids to color in.  They loved the fairies and elves that I made with them last year, so I thought that leprechauns would be a fun addition! My kids love these things, and I hope yours do too!
It's a simple craft.  Just a single piece of card stock per puppet and a few brads.  I've provided the template and you can color them in however you'd like!

What do you think?  Would you like to make your own leprechaun puppets?


My Favorite Baby Bib Tutorial

Happy Monday everyone!

When my kids were little they would only wear one bib...and it was a soft cozy terry cloth one similar to this one. In fact, the reason that I bought said bib was out of complete desperation because I couldn't get my daughter to wear any other bib that we owned.  I thought, well, this looks comfortable, so maybe she'll wear it!  And boy did she!

Today I'm over at Make It and Love It showing how to make a similar, reversible terry cloth bib.  It's super cozy, and I think even better than the version I first purchased because it's reversible!

Anyway, I hope you'll check it out!  It's a quick sew, and would make a great addition to your next baby gift!

Have a great week everyone!




A New Pattern: The Pretty Kitty Pattern

Hi Friends!~
It's been so long since I created a pattern, so I felt like I was about due for another one.  I was contemplating what to make when I found out that my niece--who's birthday is coming up--is totally infatuated with cats, ballerinas, and everything PINK right now.  I thought it would be super fun to make a little kitty for her--and a pattern for you--...and this is the result!  

I love this little kitty!  She's about 15.5 inches tall and has such sweet little facial features. 
 She has attached ballet slippers, and a removable fluffy bubble skirt made of pink fake fur. 

 She has an attached leotard, with a cute little bow on the top.
 Would you like to make your own pretty kitty?  You can purchase this DIGITAL PDF doll pattern in my Craftsy Shop or my Etsy Shop. It's one of my cheaper patterns, because it's a bit simpler than the others.

It's 18 pages long with over 50 color "how-to" pictures.  This includes 4 pages of full size template pieces.   In terms of licensing, this pattern is intended for the home sewer.  You are welcome to use my pattern to make dolls for a small scale craft fair or online shop, but no mass production, okay?

A typical page looks something like this:

 It's not a difficult pattern.  In fact, I'd say it's one of my easier ones.   

Here are the skills you'll need:

Sewing straight seams and back-stitching (and when to use) with a sewing machine

Ability to adjust length of stitch on your sewing machine to make stronger, smaller seams and longer seams for gathering

Using hand-sewing (the Ladder stitch) to close the doll body and basic embroidery stitches (whip stitch, chain stitch, back stitch) is helpful but not required.

Pressing with an iron to fold in seam allowances

Ease of working with small seam allowances (1/4 inch) and sewing in small spaces.

Some experience transferring an image (the face template) onto the fabric (for embroidery) is helpful, but not required.
I hope that you all like this new addition to my pattern shop!  I'm excited to have something new there and I hope you are too.  
Have a great week everyone!



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